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Benefits of Full Arch Implant
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Your Tooth Loss Solution with the Full Mouth Implants Procedure

Delaying tooth replacement following tooth loss threatens your oral health. Pain, infection, bone loss, and the ability to enjoy eating your favorite foods are common when you lose teeth.

The full mouth implants treatment uses dental implants to secure a new, full set of teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw. Each implant placed a specific location secures your new teeth for full restoration of your tooth function and appearance.

Your Basic Benefits from the Full Mouth Implants Procedure

Secure tooth replacement

Dental implants secure your teeth and will prevent them from moving, shifting, or falling out.

Strong bite

You will experience normal, strong biting and chewing with a dental implant.

Tooth gaps closed

Dental implants restore your ability to eat and chew the foods you enjoy.

Renewed smile.

Your ability to smile and your overall facial features are affected by tooth loss. Implants restore your appearance and support your facial structure.

Healthy tissue

Your bone and gum tissue is impacted by missing teeth. Dental implants are secured into your tissue and help maintain the health of your jawbone and gums.

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