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Secure and Long-Lasting Tooth Replacement

The loss of a single tooth can cause oral health risks when you delay replacement. A single implant will restore your health, tooth function, and ability to smile with confidence.

Your single implant is made of a surgical grade of titanium. Its surgical placement in your jawbone and gum tissue provides you a new, stable tooth root.

The single implant creates the foundation for your tooth structure. An abutment (post) and a dental crown form the top structure of your new tooth.

Your tooth replacement with a single implant is long-lasting. Expect more than 10 years of tooth function with proper care of your implant and your surrounding teeth and gums.

Implant Security and Support for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

One or more missing teeth can affect the health of your surrounding teeth. A bridge implant provides tooth restoration and doesn’t require the use of multiple implants to replace each tooth that’s missing.

Your bridge implant utilizes the missing tooth space and healthy gum and bone tissue to support the implants used. Strategically placed dental implants provide the foundation that supports your bridge.

Dental implants adapt to your bone tissue and form a new tooth root. Your bridge is secured to the implant or implants to restore your ability to eat and chew after a necessary healing period.

Contact your oral surgeon in Albany, Thomasville, and Tifton about tooth replacement with a single implant or bridge implant procedure. Schedule an oral examination to discuss your tooth loss condition.